Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday weekend report

1-17-12 tuesday brain

It’s been three whole days away from my computer and since I stepped into my home office. That was a needed break thanks to the three day weekend- I kept busy with other activities.

Friday evening I was feeling sorry for myself, since I wouldn’t see Greg. He was off to the Detroit Car show, meeting up with his long-time friend Tom. It’s nice of them to have that annual activity together.

I had planned to use Saturday to clean, but I started Friday evening…. And finished Friday evening- took about 4 hours to get my art room in order… AND get the guest room in order again. That was a great feeling!

So on Saturday, now being ahead of schedule, I decided to go shopping for some material to recover the pillows and do a little “make over” in the living room since I brought in that new coffee table last week.

It took a couple of trips to the fabric store and Pier 1 before I got sometime I liked. I spend $30 dollars on fabric to cover 6 pillows, and I spend $30 on one decorative pillow on Pier 1, which I hoped would tie everything new together. Lucky I have a pretty neural/pain couch, walls a sage green, and can make only a few small changes to get a new look easily.

A lighter fabric

Saturday evening, Ann didn’t want me to be alone, so she planned a small karaoke party at my place. Ann, Sue, Mary, and Kelley came over AND some “white Russians” where also invited in. Even with the addition of the white Russians, our vocals didn't improve, but we did have fun.

To be comminuted…..

PS: we got snow last night, 2 to 3 inches maybe- but the nice and pretty fluffy light kind of snow. 

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