Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Guest Blog from Ann

1-18-12 mid-week brain
I am impressed with Ann's passion! I won't get out of bed early for too many people.... Ann is quite a "mover and shaker" here in Des Moines!

Morning Coffee With Morning Joe
Yes I’m in withdrawals right now, the road to the White House has moved down South and I’m still questioning the vote count in Iowa. The GOP gave the nod to Mitt by 8, but I say Santorum won by the mere fact that not all precincts used the same counting method. After watching my precinct count, I’m sure we were off by a few. I hope there’s a group of aged citizens counting the 125,000 plus paper ballots somewhere.

While I love my politics to the right, I enjoy watching one MSNBC news program “Morning Joe” with former congressman Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzenzinski (5-8 am daily). Like they say, a good offense is a good defense, and why not hear what the other side is saying. So for the caucus, Morning Joe aired pre and post caucus shows live from a local coffee shop, Java Joes. I debated, on New Year’s Day, do I really want to get up at 4:30 am to drive 20 min to a packed coffee shop? Well I did, and not for one day, but for three days. It was so well worth it. (for a full view, click on the pictures).

Monday, the coffee shop was packed at 5:30, so I stood in the back of those seated. To get a seat, the patrons came at 3 am to see the 4:30 am show. Wow, and I thought I was a nut. Tuesday “caucus day” jammed pack and Wednesday, still a good crowd and I got a front row seat at 5:30 am.

If you watch cable news, the usual suspects showed up including David Greggory, Tom Broakaw, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Michael Steele, Caty Kay, Willie Giest and two candidates, Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney.

I had a great time and there is so much to a live show. The crew of 20 or so with two dozen or so guests, spending the New Year in Des Moines, Iowa. Thank you Joe and Mika for bringing the crew and Lewis, thanks for the mug!

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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