Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holiday weekend report II


 Holiday weekend I am thinking every week needs a three day weekend. It would be nice to only work a 4 day work week. I guess I could easily do that by putting in FOUR- ten hours days. Some people do that.

Last Sunday I got out of bed earlier than I really wanted to, (since I was up until mid-night)….. but at 8:30 Sue and I went over the Chefs to have breakfast together, which was fun to have time to visit with her one on one. Then I went home to shower in time to attend 2nd service at church.

After church I helped set up my art display panels for the Art Reception at being held later Sunday afternoon. With the panels, the artists were encouraged to bring more of their work to display- beside the large pieces hung in the sanctuary. I also had lunch with a few church friends.

Sunday’s Art Reception turned out very nice. There was a trio playing music, and some delicious fancy finger food served with punch.

I had many positive comments about my large pixel art. One guy- a friend of a friend of a friend- who collects art…. Thought my piece should sell for $800 to $1,000 ! Wow I wonder if I will ever get into that market?  I suppose if I move to KC and start running in the art circles that my KC artist neighbors do….. Their art sells for that much.

Anyway, you know me…. I’m not ready to give up my creation so easily… as long as I still have my “day job”…. The money doesn’t mean that much to me. The process of creating and the journey I take as I create is the significance I attach to my art.

Late Sunday night, Greg did take the northern route back from Detroit car show, so he came through DM and spent the night here with me. You think that would make me feel better, but actually it made me miss him more- since he took off again in the morning to drive to KC.

I decided I needed to relax on Monday, so I watched TV and play around with a small pixel art piece. 

Since the sun was out, I did get off the couch and go for a 60 minute walk- otherwise I really just vegged out…. Which was nice so I’d be fresh for the work week ahead. 

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