Friday, January 13, 2012

TGIF the 13th

1-13-12 non-superstitious brain

This morning, my Internet seemed to be moving as slow as I was, or was it only AOL I was having trouble with? This drastic change in weather really zaps my energy. I believe it could be the low humidity in the house. I’ve been running my humidifier nightly, but in the bedroom can barely get it much above 12%. Just a few days ago it was 25 to 30%.

I’m moving stiff and slow…. Of course some could be the exercise and light shoveling I did yesterday.

In spite of the cold north wind, which blew for a good 36 hours here, I did venture out Thursday night to walk over to my local restaurant with Ann. Sue and Carolyn also met us there. I did feel empowered by facing the cold…. But then I also wanted to test out my new winter coat which Greg gave me for Christmas. It’s two layers and yes it was very warm!

Here I look and felt Kenny from South Park!

This morning, when I saw a squirrel out back begging, I did venture out with some sunflower seeds. I got seven showing up.... here you can see 5.

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