Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday in the mood to blog

1-9-12 happy brain

I enjoyed my week in KC with Greg and Clover cat, but due to the warm weather, it was hard to believe this was only the first week of the New Year….. i t sure seemed like March!

Last week in KC I did a lot of walking, also due to the warm weather, and due to one of my goals for 2012 is to get more active. I’m also giving up sugar as much as possible Monday-Friday. (Eat more vegetables!) Only on the weekends will I allow myself to have dessert or a sweet something or other. Maybe with these two things I can finally firm my middle age belly fat.

For 2012, I’m also continuing my Peace Art. HERE >>>
I decided I just had to- because, not only was I have fun doing it, but I also believe this daily time creating made for one of the most healthy years I’ve had in the last 20 years. It could be the creative outlet helped me deal with stress and/or the fact I was focusing on spreading something positive out into the universe- PEACE!

Besides the Peace Art, I’ve also been playing around with more pixel art. Here I had one laid out, but I think I will move it onto a bigger canvas so I can use more of the bright pixel pieces I’ve created….. anyway you get the idea.

On Saturday, Molly and I went shopping, as Greg enjoyed time outside washing his car…. That is his therapy. I was looking for something new for the DM living room, since I had moved the large ottoman down to the KC house, which matches the loveseat in the KC living room. I found an “artsy-fartsy” table at TJ Max. Molly gave it a “thumbs up” when I was unsure. Now that I have it back home in DM, I really think I’m going to like it. Now a new project- find some fun material to sew some new pillow cases which will help blend the table colors into the rest of the room.

There is close up of the finish/paint job on the table.... interesting huh?

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  1. LOVE the table. And I love-love the pixel art with words! Would be cool to get one of those printed on a canvas once you get it done. Your creativity stimulates me.