Friday, January 20, 2012

VTGIF! .....Very thankful!

1-20-12 frazzled brain

So glad it is Friday..... my short work week has proven to be stressful..... or I suppose I let it become that way. I've been trying to work with a committee to set up our Fall Workshop and Banquet Dinner. It is hard to please everyone and hard to get all the pieces lined up in a row.

A light dusting of snow today, but I believe the heavier snow will be north of here. I guess I am now in the snow mood and not stressing about shoveling so much. Yet that is easy to say with only a few inches on the ground so far this year.

Last night Sue and I when over to Ann's house to help her with her "over the top" project for THIS week. Ann was hostessing a retirement dinner for 12, in honor of a co-worker. Man, she spent all week cooking and baking... and cleaning... to the extreme- but the food was fabulous. I sampled most of it. Sue and I became "the help"... serving the food and working the kitchen.


  1. Um, is that a coconut cake I see on that table??? Only my most favorite cake in the world! In fact, it reminds me of snow, so it's perfect for winter, but I usually make it for Easter, for some reason.

    I really like your hair with that little flip on the ends. You look so young!

  2. Oh YES! It is a coconut cake my friend Ann baked from scratch! Very good. Well, Susan.... my hair only has a few good days... this was one of them.