Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday part 2

1-24-12 over worked brain

My father called to give me a hard time about not blogging this week..... So a quick note at lunch:

Today the sun came out and I have started to gain back some energy. Work the last few weeks has been draining…. Trying to juggle too many projects at once, plus missing my “revival” time with Greg (and Clover).
I love this picture Greg sent me.

However, this week...., I AM celebrating the start of a new Chinese Year of the Dragon. I remember my acupuncture friends warning me last year to “hang on”… cause the Rabbit year would challenge everyone. This has proven to be true when I look around me and see many of my friends or friends of friends struggling in many different ways last year.

I ran into my friend Mark at church Sunday, after not seen him for months. He said this last year was the worst in his life. His marriage is ending. This really makes me sad since that family was one of my favorite families.  So after receiving this news, which punched me in the stomach….. I decided to lay low the rest of the day…. And ride out the last day of the Rabbit year on the couch watching TV. Hey, I even took an afternoon nap. This was something that rarely happened in 2011. This made me realize I have been pushing myself way too hard in 2011. Time for a change- and I really enjoyed being lethargic all day Sunday.

I got out my CD’s of Northern Exposure (one of my favorite TV shows from the early 90’s) and started a marathon watching of season Five. This was perfect viewing for me on a gloomy winter’s day.

Not to say that I wasn’t out socializing at all this last weekend..... Friday night Sue took to over to the Drake fitness area and we walked the track for an hour.  Saturday night was a long planned Progressive Party on my street. Luckily I was not hosting and only had to walk a few houses away to have some fun.

House one (Amy and Jon)  had great appetizers…. So many to pig out on, which was my dinner. House two (Tamara and Doyle) was desserts.  And as usual IF there is a piano around…. Steve started to play, along with Marilyn- and we were all entertained with lovely background music and even did a sing-along.

My one neighbor, Jenny, owns a coffee shop down in the East Village area of Des Moines and we talked art. I now have my next place to exhibit my Peace Art come this spring- which I am very excited about. The East Village is a perfect spot for my art, since a lot of hip, young people live and work there.
So all in all….

Life is going along pretty well, and gee- I shouldn’t even complain at all about this winter’s weather, it has been so easy when compared to the winter of 2009 into 2010, although I know my parents in Northern Iowa have received a lot more snow than Des Moines has so far this year.

Peace Out everyone!
Ann has a blog for tomorrow, but I won't commit to writing on Thursday- sorry.

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