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I was not in town to attend the Iowa Caucus this year, but I learned, via Facebook from a neighbor, that my precinct when 33% with Romney. Of course many of my other neighbors were at the Democrat side of the Caucus. Here is Ann's experience this week. ~Judy


What an exciting time to be an Iowan. Did you caucus last night? Did your candidate win, show or place? Was the pundits right? Well you know I’m a Perry supporter and was asked to be a precinct leader, which means you help out on caucus night and speak on behalf of Gov Perry. To get my mojo set, I took time over the weekend to follow Gov Perry in Central Iowa.

 First up, 12:30 rally at Boomers Coffee shop in Fort Dodge on NYE. Before the rally, I dropped in at the local drug store and struck up a conversation with the druggist. I tried to negotiate off a $1 item, only to have him roll his eyes, then we talked politics. I walked away with a beautiful decorated Christmas tree. I made a friend there.

 The rally started on time, 50 media and 100 supporters. I had a close up and personal view of the Governor. Yep I chatted with him and took a picture with his lovely wife Anita. Then it was off to the Giggling Goat in Boone. The crowd was much bigger and he delivered a good stump speech.

 Monday evening, I drove to Perry, Iowa for a great rally at the Hotel Patee. Larry Gatalin was the warm-up act with Gov. Bobby Jindahl and Gov Sam Brownback saying a few good words to the large crowd. I left the event feeling inspired, just maybe … just maybe I can convince a few to vote my way.

We caucused at a Baptist church with 328 voters showing up. I followed a surrogate for Ron Paul, his grandson Ben, age 15. He was very cute and said a lot of nice words about his grandfather. How do I follow that?

Here’s my speech:

We have an important decision tonight.  Like many of you, I have followed the candidates closely, I was looking for a candidate of faith, family, executive leadership, a person of moral conviction and of good character, one that will be consistent and job ready the first day in office.

I found that person in Gov Rick Perry, and I saw that over the weekend while he was in Fort Dodge, Boone and Perry. I’ll give credit to one of the candidates wives saying “if you want to know what a person will do in the future, look at their past” That is so dead on.

Gov Perry came from humble beginnings, grew up on a farm, studied animal science in college, joined the Air Force then went back to Texas to farm before entering state politics. He has walked the walk. 

Gov Perry is a proven leader, with real-time executive leadership, a fiscal conservative who has the experience of creating jobs, balancing state budgets, working hand-in-hand with elected officials to get the job done. He has a track record of growing the economy in Texas while protecting the citizens of Texas and the border.  This is why I am caucusing for Gov Rick Perry.

Day one in the oval office, Gov Perry has committed to, by executive order, eliminate regulations and red tape so that business owners can do what they do best, build and create. (This includes repealing of mandatory healthcare), This translates to jobs, goods and services moving, money in our pockets, real commerce. That is job one in my book.

Gov Perry will work to make government work for you, reduce the size of the government, balance the budget, eliminate the agencies that are inefficient and/or obsolete (energy, commence, education), work to make congress accountable for their actions. ( I rather like the part-time congress), allow states to make the laws that work best for that state, update the tax code, protect life and marriage.

One size does not fit all – and that is what we have in Washington. It’s time for a new leader that is from outside Washington, one that does not have a record for supporting this, voting for that and now have to explain. With Gov Perry, the democrats will not be able to use that line. 

Tonight, Iowa matters, your vote matters. Look beyond the rhetoric, the polls, the pundits. I ask that you join me in casting your vote for a great American, a true conservative, a proven leader, Gov Rick Perry.

The results in my Ankeny 12 precinct (didn't quite) mirror the state-wide outcome: Romney and Santorum tied at top with 25% each, Paul close with 21%,  Gingrich 13%, Perry 10%, Bachman 5% and Huntsman 1%.


I’ve had a lot of fun over the last few days, on the campaign trail and at a coffee shop downtown. Morning Joe was live at Java Joes . Oh how I had fun and will write more later with a few pics. That’s a wrap!

Chat Later,

That Girl, Ann Marie

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