Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

1-3-11 refreshed brain

I've been off work for only a week, but today as I started back to work- it felt like I was gone for at least two weeks. I guess I packed a lot of activities into that week, so it felt like more time off than just a week.

Ann will be filling me in (and you) on the Iowa Caucus activities tomorrow, since I chose to stay in KC this week and miss all the excitement. My brain is still really relaxed and thus I am not all that motivated to blog, but I suppose it will just take getting back into the groove.

For today, I'll just post a few pictures.

My New Years Weekend included NY Eve at the neighbors for dinner and game night. I also got to have lunch with my God-daughter Chelsea, along with Teresa and Molly. Chelsea is doing well with her new job.

I also agreed to attend a football viewing of his Cleveland Browns game on Sunday at the usual Browns Backers Club bar: Buffalo Wild Wings. I drank 1/4 of a beer.... really living it up !

Other pictures I saw on Facebook where pictures from my sister's family.... which gave me a smile.
CJ's girlfriend came for a first visit to their family..... this could be serious?

 I guess Catherine handled the dog better than I would! I don't think Chunks was happy in his hat.

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