Friday, December 30, 2011

TGIF heading into the New Year!

12-30-11 productive brain

Wednesday, I started cleaning and I begun with my bedroom night stand- stacked full of books. I hadn’t planned to continue in the bedroom, but I ended up cleaning my dresser off, and two big baskets of books and stuff, along with a thorough dusting in all corners and under the bed.  I filled 3 large kitchen sized wastebaskets of recycling….. I don’t understand why I collect so much paper and magazines. I found my red scarf I have been looking for and a few other odds and ends. I found 4 different journals in which I had started a Gratitude Journal, all 4 from different years and at various stages of completion.

I picked one which only had a few pages used, and decided to start again.

Thursday, I was MOST grateful for the warm 50 degree weather and sunshine. (We haven't had this warm of Christmas since 2002, when I was able to go rollerblading and broke my elbow).... This warm weather allowed me to stay motivated to get more cleaning done. My dinning room table is now cleared off for the first time in months. The kitchen is back in order.... and I delivered my painting for the January Art Show at Westminster…. But first I wanted to see how it will look over the fireplace. I like it! I can’t wait to work on another pixel piece of artwork- small one though.

I also went to the bank and opened up an accounted designated for my art, in hopes that the coming year I will get more involved with a few art shows and try to sell some art on the Internet.

There is still several closets left to clean in 2012…. And the basement….and the need for several trips to Good Will...... but for now- I have to appreciate all that I did get accomplished on my two days off work. 

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