Friday, December 9, 2011

TGIF and WW(J)D ? (I mean John)

12-9-11 remembering brain
This week I have been working out of the KC home, less distractions here has meant a very productive week and  this too has given me more time to think. I’ve been thinking about the month of December. It seems if I take a full life view of my time on earth, December has been the month which holds the greatest excitements and the lowest-darkest of  times for me. For example- just to name a few- not all of them: Greg and I met in December and a year later were engaged; both my nephew and niece were born in December…. Contrast this to my heart being crushed by my first love (back in 1974)….. and another love lost in 1980…… which I’ll never forget since this also was right at the time of John Lennon’s death. (31 years ago yesterday).

Blogger California Girl writes about John Lennon here:

I do love the artist, activist, flawed human and seeking spirit of John Lennon. Often in the last 10 years, especially around 2003 as our country was led into war, I did wonder what John Lennon would be saying and doing about the way the world was heading. I’ve tried to tap into his creative spirit many times……
AND THIS WEEK it really hit  me!   
How both sides of the political machine are using us! ….. playing us off each other….. distracting us, dividing us…. and having us waste our time arguing about issues that can’t be solved, or aren’t really an issue: like Pro-choice or Pro-life; Pro-gun or Pro-gun control; Taxing the poor or Taxing the rich; Capitalism or Compassionate Society….. we divide up and fight each other over our passionate beliefs, all the while those that have all the governing power, all the wealth- follow a different set of laws (conduct insider trading, become super rich, get mega benefits and perks, lessen regulations on business to favor themselves and friends…. Live in some isolated bubble, high above the rest of the working class).

I witness this daily with my emails. I’m on both the GOP and DEMS mailing list….. and as soon as some issue swings one way, the other side sends out an email call to “fight this” and ask for donation to “the cause”….. the HOTTER the issue (they are happy)… the more anger and then the more Money will be raised.
So THIS December, I decided it’s time to think more like John Lennon….. It is time to talk of UNITING against the bigger problems- The Corrupt System  based on GREED- we call our government…. Where the laws have become slanted in favor of a few at the top, while the rest of us work hard and are falling backward.  

PS: Yes, I agree there are some “greedy/lazy” people who do not work hard and use the current system…. That is another reason the current system does need to be changed.
I'll be trying to wave that olive branch in one hand...... while I carry a protest sign about our corrupt government system in the other hand.   
 "I hope someday you will join me, and world can live as one" ~ John Lennon

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