Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving part 2

12-2-11 reflecting brain
I am so happy that I (along with Greg) got to see my two closest high-school girlfriends over Thanksgiving, Jean Ann and Robin, AND an added treat of seeing Steve and Vanni, who usually only come back to Charles City in the summer. Often in the summer all of us friends who stay in contact from class of 1974 get the chance to be together: Jean Ann, Steve, Robin and Tom, but it is getting harder to get all of our schedules together. So I do feel fortunate that it took me eating out three different times to visit with everyone.

Me making Jean Ann laugh..... that's my role.

Robin and daughter Taylor- sorry I didn't take picture of Tom and Greg at this meal.

Steve in from Alaska!

Greg and Vanni put up with our hometown talk.

I am Thankful for LONG-term friendships!

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