Friday, December 16, 2011

Imagine Peace

12-16-11 somber brain

Yesterday, much of the news centered on the end of the Iraq War. Sure a small part of me is very happy, but mostly I’m left with a sad sober feeling…… much like I felt back in 2003 when the “Shock and Awe” was started…. To me it felt like a bad decision which wouldn’t lead to any good.

And I still feel that way today.

 However, I am proud of the way most American people did realize the huge sacrifice our military families were making, and I am proud that our solders became our respected heroes even in a war which half of us couldn't support the cause, due to the false lies which took us into Iraq.

Of course the train wreck really isn’t over….just because we are pulling out. The war, which was not paid for, has been a leading factor in our country’s money problems, which has left us weaker and unable to take care of our own people. Iraq itself.... are they better off? Only they can answer that.

Given the chance, yes- I’d go back in a time machine if I could and ask for a re-do on all of this!

"An eye for an eye will make us blind" 
  Mahatma Gandhi

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