Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving part 1

12-1-11 reluctant brain
I wasn't going to post today, but woke up early, 5:00 AM-
WOW! I made it through November in pretty good shape! This time a year I never know I how my body will react to the dark and cold...... but so far I have stayed healthy. We did have a pretty nice weather this last month- more sun than usual and warmer temps. Some snow is predicted for the weekend, so our luck might be running out soon.

Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad (and Bunny) was nice. We ate the full Turkey dinner twice, both Thursday and Friday evenings, so I got to the point of not being interesting in food in general..... but we found ourselves eating out most of the rest of the weekend with friends!

On Friday we did chores, helped decorated the house for Christmas (inside and out); and we did some Christmas shopping at a few local stores to support our hometown local businesses.

Trey the cat was happy to have us visit, so he could have someone to play with.

To be continued.....

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