Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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12-28-11 vacationing brain....
BUT Ann is not on vacation! ~Judy

Keepin’ the Flame Lit

Time to close out 2011 and for many, there are a lot of great memories and a few sad one. No matter how much I try, at times I find myself incredibly sad. So projects, road tripping and running around with friends have helped immensely.

On the upside, I’ve accomplished a lot. Mended fences with my sister, glad to see my siblings watching after each other, got to see my beautiful niece Sunita and her adorable son, Gabriel. I remember flying home mid-March 1980 to be there for her birth, only to miss it by a week. Love you Sunita and Gabriel, you too Amanda and Eric! I made this doll for Sunita back in 1985.

My road trip to Toronto via NYC-Hartford- PA was so much fun and I got to see singer Michael Franti. And the best concert of all time, Maroon 5 and Train at the Iowa State Fair, seeing Janet Jackson was pretty neat too.

After saying goodbye to Dad, I said I would purchase a bench for him at the Fair. Well I finally got around to purchasing  the bench. For $1,200, you get a new wooden bench with a nameplate. We’re finalizing the nameplate, but it will looking like this and say something like this

In Memory of our Dad 
Matthew Chee You, 1931-2011
Love and miss you Dad
Tony, Sandra, Glen, Charmaine

Instead of seeing the glass half empty, I’ll see it half full and will be looking forward to the construction of the bench (June ’12). I’ll call it a living memorial to Dad, where I can go anytime I want to. When the ’12 Fair rolls around, you will find me there almost daily. I will look forward to a few road trips, maybe out West to San Francisco, Treasure Island (FLA), see the Lake house in Maryland, backpacking (via train) in Europe and maybe … just maybe …. A trip to Trinidad to return my Dad to his beloved home. 

And can’t forget the race to the White House. No doubt I will be caucusing on January 3rd and if my candidate does not win the nomination, hopefully I’ll be as egg-cited to support the GOP nominee.  

Have a great New Year everyone, if you enjoyed my posts and want to see more, drop us a line (Judy or me). 
Chat Later
That Girl, Ann Marie

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