Thursday, December 15, 2011

Politics in Iowa

12-15-11 apologizing brain
I'm going to publicly apologize to my friend Ann for teasing her - and joking with her on Facebook this last week, when I commented on her choice of GOP candidates- Rick Perry. I had suggested that Ann needed to "jump off of that sinking ship".... as Perry's polling numbers have declined.

But as I listened to some Rush Limbaugh the last two days on my drive up to northern Iowa and back for work- I learned that there are really only THREE true conservative candidates: Bachmann, Perry and Stantorum. So in that case, Ann - being a conservative, has made the best choice of GOP candidates from that group.  :)

What do I really know about the GOP candidates? I have watched some of the debates, but not like Ann.... she has been actively participating in the many campaign speaking engagements in Iowa and met all of the candidates in person (but probably not Rommey). She has educated herself and made her decision on who she will caucus for in a few weeks. I can respect that.

However, I can't respect the Perry's ad that Ann had posted on her Facebook page. If you are on FB, you probably know the one getting all the heat, since there have been several parodies of this ad which are being shared on the Internet.

The script talks about faith, religion, gays in the military, lack of being able to pray in schools, and blames "Obama's war on religion" for all our countries problems..... (really? I'm pretty sure Obama wasn't President back when school prayer was challenged)...  In my opinion this ad does nothing for Perry- he is just playing the tune the Christian Right want to hear. This same ad could of been done by Backmann, Stantorum, or even Sarah Palin herself.

This ad makes Perry look anti-gay.... oh- ya maybe he is. (?) When will the Religious Right understand their own individual church does not have to accept gay marriage if they don't want to- they have that freedom of religion to decide. However, our country's laws are promises to be equal for everyone. Gay rights is about Civil Rights.

So Ann and I are agreeing to disagree.... and happily so, knowing our country is big enough and great enough to provide the freedom of having different opinions and the freedom to speak our minds!

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  1. Now you are going to make me cry, your message here really means a lot to me.
    I’ve told Judy that I get my opinions right from the candidates and would it surprise you that I don’t’ listen to Rush? Seriously I do not, and I know Judy does from time to time, so I applaud her for tuning in if only to agree to disagree with him.

    Judy is spot on with her mention of the above candidates, and I saw them last night, passionate they are and I am amazed at the 700 or so people who came out for a 3 hr event.

    So Judy, thank you for the very kind words and that’s why we are peas n’ carrots. Sometimes they mix makes a beautiful presentation and sometimes they upset the apple cart .