Monday, December 5, 2011

Peace Art Exhibit

12-5-11 creative brain
Sunday after Thanksgiving, when Greg and I got back to Des Moines- I had a project in need of Greg's help. We had to hang my Peace Art up over at Westminster Church, in this great little gallery area. At first I was going to be ambitious and hang 16 small peaces and 5 large on the long wall, but we settled for 5 large and 8 small. This was enough to have to line up straight..... and then we didn't have to add so many new nail holes into the wall.

I'm excited to have this exhibit hung in the month of December!

My next project, with my friend Lori's help is to get my Peace Blog set up for PayPal in preparation for my 2012 PEACE HUG project. I don't plan on making much money, but excited about helping others spread Peace and Joy to their friends! I've been practicing sending a few PEACE HUGS during the last few week. More on this as it develops.

Check out Peace Blog here:


  1. Your work is beautifully presented Judy! Love the way you've framed it. The gallery really is terrific and it's nice to see the lighting appears to flatter the art. Congrats!

  2. Thanks Cal-Gal! I've found almost anything looks good in a nice black frame! Sometimes I look at this art and think "I must be crazy".... other times I look at it and think "this is cool".....