Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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12-21-11 vacant brain
Ann's turn this week..... Hey- Robert's B-day (what a cutie) and Jean & John's 62nd Anniversary both tomorrow 12-22! ~Judy

Christmas Memories
Oh joy, today is December 21st and my head is in Costa Rica. See I had an opportunity to tag along with my East coast family for a Christmas trip but decided I needed to be home. So wishing my sister and brother Feliz Navidad, safe journey and bring me back a little something something.
So what’s your favorite Christmas memory or Christmas tradition? I know one of Jean’s is her “grasshopper pie” yum yum for sure. Judy, well I do admire her for her fabric gift bags. I so love that idea. And Marine dude John, I’m sure he has a few.

Growing up, my parents played a lot of Christmas music, much like me. I must have at least 50 CD’s and on the 26th, I head over to Target for two CD’s at ½ price. Then there’s homemade bread, baked salty ham and cheddar cheese. Another tradition was black fruit cake made with a host of fruits, wine and run. I do miss that darn fruitcake . Oh my, where has 50 years gone.

My tradition has been celebration my son’s birthday, December 22nd. I did whoop it up back in the day, and it was always the coldest day of the month. Now he’s off and a “cash n’ carry” kid. Happy birthday Roberto’. Here’s a pic I made for him last year.

Four days till Christmas and I just don’t have the joy joy In my heart this year for obvious reasons and after cleaning the shopping mobile (my van) out, I got a bit sadder. See the last time I drove the van was two days after Dad passed. Not sure what was wrong with it but it was not running right. Rick fixed it last month and now after eight months, I cleaned it out and wouldn’t you know it, found some of Dad’s stuff in there. He was reminding me to clean out the Jeep, and so I did.

I’ve got four days to get the Christmas Sprit. Game on and I better get to it. Merry Christmas everyone.

Chat Later,
That Girl, Ann Marie

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