Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Report

12-29-11 cleaning brain
Greg and I got back into Des Moines Tuesday afternoon from our Christmas break up at Mom & Dad's. We unpacked, went out to eat, and saw a movie (The Descendants). Wednesday, Greg headed back to KC and my plans for the next few days were to use my time off work to do some deep cleaning of excess crap I have collected over the years.

I did start Wednesday afternoon, after I rewarded myself (in advance).... by have a leisurely lunch with Kelley. We hung out at Grounds of Celebration for about two hours. I'm happy to report that some of my Peace Art has sold there. 5 Peaces total so far.

Today, as I continue cleaning, I'll just post some of our Christmas pictures. I must also note that the weather in Iowa has been mild (40's and 50's) which made for some good travel weather, but it really didn't feel like Christmas without snow on the ground.

We started out on DEC 23nd, celebrating Sarah's 24th Birthday.

Christmas morning..... I had to share my peace outfit which was a gift given to me by Vivian and Clyde... so I got to be the Christmas Peace Elf and handed out the presents this year.
Hey, not bad for age 56! ?

  Dad had a special gift, I made him open first.

 Ann had taken his Marine picture and photo-shopped a flag in the background.
 Dad happily hung this up in his office later that day. 

Greg and I cooked the eggs and sausage for Christmas breakfast.... and we turned the kitchen over the Christopher and he was in charge of cooking and cutting the turkey later in the day.

 We all over ate.... why do we do that?

Since we couldn't go sledding this year-..... we went bowling the day after Christmas. Hunt scored the highest with the two games combined. Greg bowled 170 on his second game..... Sarah and I had more gutter balls than we care to admit.... but my first game was my best at 92, and I did have ONE strike. 

This picture cracks me up. I call it "watching Sarah bowl"

Monday we started the day off with the number one task to complete- trying to get a decent family picture!
The picture in the middle here is my favorite, since we actually got Jan to smile..... she hates getting her picture taken.


  1. Oh my gosh Judy - I thought that was Sarah in the pajama picture!! 56? I think not - 36 fits - heart, mind and definitely body!! Kelley

  2. Oh thanks Kelley.... remember stretch leggings are your friend!