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11-30-11 vacant brain
Ann filling in again, for me, as I am holding a training session this week at work~Judy

Fall Road Trippin’ – Des Moines to NashVegas
My friends ask me “Ann do you work, you always seem to be on the road?” Yes I work and Yes I always seem to be going somewhere and when it’s to visit family, that’s’ doubly sweet. For my 39 + 12 birthday, I gifted myself two road trips, Fort Campbell and Las Vegas.
My niece Sunita and her Army husband moved to Fort Campbell in October (from Maryland n’ her first military move) and when I heard they were moving, I immediately planned this trip. The last time I saw her was on her wedding day in 2008. Here’s a pic of Dad, Sunita and husband, Sebastian.

The drive to Fort Campbell was beautiful and not really that long, 600 miles in 10 hours. I took the diagonal from Des Moines, to Hannibal, to St Louis, to Paducah, to Fort Campbell with one minor pit stop to see the Arch and Busch Stadium in the shadows of Game 6 of the World Series.

Fort Campbell is home of 101st Airborne and longstory short, when I went to Tech School in Rantoul, IL, I met an Army dude and we became very good running buddies. I’ve lost track of him and I hope to one day locate him, Daniel P. Matthews from South Amboy, NJ.  Okay, sorry for the digression. I arrived in time for Sebastian’s office Halloween party for the kiddies. Oh, did I mention in three years, Sunita and Sebastian are proud parents of Gabriel. He’s just about two and as cute as a bug on a rug. He’s dressed up as Oscar, which I got confused with cookie monster, bert/ernie … haha.

My five day trip went by fast and we got a lot of partying/eating accomplished. First up, Flamingo Friday (neighborhood party) in which I asked her “I think you live on Lysteria Lane”. The house party was fun and the food was yummy. Next up was a Halloween bash at cousin Michelle’s house, fried fish, chicken wings, collards greens and jerk chicken, along with a lot of sweets. Sebastian dressed as a Farrow, Sunita as Queen of the Nile, son Alex as a Creeper and me, well my first official costume, drum roll ….Smurf Girl. Yep that’s me in Judy’s blonde wig. Oh did I say, I made the outfit myself.

My only request while I was in TN was to drop by the Antique Archeology (aka American Pickers) store in Nashville. While we were there, ran into a Zombie run. Yes, I know a little about Zombies. Back to Pickers, I’m a groupie and I should write about why I love this show. The store was amazingly cute, noting like the LeClaire, IA store. Too bad I missed Mike Wolfe by two days. On my way out, I noticed a meet-up of scooters (Vespa and others). Mike Wolfe is a big Vespa fan. I dared myself to ask to get on one of the scooters, and yep I did. Come to find out, this was their first meet-up. When I have some discretionary cash, I’d like to get a little scooter.

I got a lot accomplished in my short visit and it was nice to be around the Chee You family. On my way home, made one pit stop, Eldon, Iowa to get my pic taken at the American Gothic House. The blue wig was a bonus. Go big or Go home!

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