Thursday, November 3, 2011

Saturday Report

11-3-11 motoring brain
Saturday, as part of my birthday and Halloween weekend to celebrate..... Greg and I took part in the Annual Iowa Mini Cooper Fall Drive. This was the 9th year. My car, a 2002, was the oldest Mini out of 27 who attended.... and got to be in the lead, since Greg had organized the route this year and decided to drive my car instead of his. As for my part, I came dressed for the occasion: "mini" mouse.

Look close in the side mirror and you can see the line of Minis.

Here Greg is making announcements as I do some sign language.
(Well, not really, but this picture made it look like I was)

We started in Pella, a wonderful Dutch Village, and we had lunch there.

Then we wound around some hilly and curvy roads over to Winterset with a stop in St. Charles at one of the famous covered bridges of Madison County.

Here in Winterset- is the birth place of John Wayne. We took the short tour of the house.

Gift Shop

Our last stop was at the Des Moines Mini dealer (Willis) who provided us with dinner and drinks, and we all hung out for awhile there.

 On some related CAR News; peace sister Carolyn got a new car this week. We tried to talk her into a Mini Cooper, but she wanted a Beetle, since she had one in her youth. I must admit her new car is sweet!


  1. I love the pics .... where did you get the dress/hands? Looks like you had a great birthday.

  2. The dress was given to me by a neighbor back in the mid 90's. I had used it before to dress up as Minni Mouse, but this year, the hands were new. I got then from Disney Store when I was in Florida this past spring. The Hands sure completed the outfit!

  3. very cute and looks like a fun weekend. I wish I could give up my SUV and get a Mini C! I'd like to get a convertible...maybe when I retire :)