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11-16-11 vacant brain
It is fun to get Ann's tales of all the action on the GOP side of things. So glad she dressed properly for this venue. No cleavage shown here, thank goodness! A quick reminder to Kelley and Molly that they are working on upcoming GUEST Blogs too!  (?) ~Judy

Heatin’ Up – Road to the White House 2012
Iowans get ready for two months of heavy politicking as the Iowa Caucus is less than 60 days away, January 3rd. Democrats can relax and watch the propaganda geared towards independents and Republicans. The TV ad’s are up and running and my mailbox will soon be flooded with fliers. While I do watch the TV ad’s (remember this is revenue) do people read the mailers? Frankly, I pitch them without reading them. Which begs the question, what motivates a person to vote for one candidate versus another – print ad, TV ad, debates, TV/radio sound bites, in-person forums or friendly debating with your friends?

Judy and I do our share of debating. Here’s a pic of us holding our respective party's mug, a gift given (to us Friday evening) by Molly. Will the day every come that we exchange mugs?

I prefer to get my opinions right from the candidates and boy, I got a great opportunity last month at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Collation Dinner in Des Moines (October 22). Yes yes, a conservative and evangelical organization, right wing bible thumping group. And no, no bibles needed for this dinner.

My connection was a friend of the Perry campaign and I was very honored to be the guest of Gabe and Carolyn Haugland. Longstory short, not only does Gabe work for Perry for President, he’s a Drake Law graduate, US Army Guard, infantry and now a JAG Officer. His wife is not only a Drake graduate, she is Miss Iowa 2004 and her sister Emily is Miss Iowa 2006, hailing from Clear Lake. I felt special sitting at a VIP table. The Nicholas sisters were singing the national anthem. They were very good and as they told me, they perform as a duo all over Iowa.

The dinner was very good (fried chicken, potatoes, beans) then the candidates spoke for 10 minutes then answered four questions from a two-person panel, total of 20-25 minutes. It was great to hear the candidates “unfiltered”. Herman Cain went first, Gov. Perry in the middle and Rick Santorum was last (felt bad for him).

Here’s my take of the evening:
Cain- gave a good speech and all I can say, he can hold a room (pre-scandal speech).

Paul- just when he sounds sensible, he says something really odd. However, all can agree “time to get the troops home.”

Bachman- her story is old, born in Iowa, foster parent, tax lawyer. I’ll give her credit for winning the Iowa Straw Poll but that’s all.

Gingrich- smart man, maybe too smart to be President. His baggage will hold him back.

Rick Santorum- very informed but not enough traction in Iowa. Credit him for his personal pro-life position.

Gov. Perry- yes he’s my candidate, yes he does not come across “bright/smart” on TV but in person, he comes across very clear.

I was able to see all the candidates, shook Gingrich’s hand and got my picture taken with Governor Perry, sweet for me!

Now move to the debates, two in the last two weeks and one scheduled in Iowa next week. Yes Yes, even Perry admits he’s no debater and about the “oops” moment, I really felt badly for him. Yes it can happen to anyone, but not when you’re trying to dig yourself out of a ditch when on “live TV.” Well after a day of “mea culpas”, he was back on track at the GOP debate in South Carolina.

So get ready Iowans, for two months of political theater. The world will be “watching”.

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