Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Freak out into outer space and back

11-15-11 freaked out brain
So Saturday evening Molly and I met up with Kelley down town at a great french restaurant, Django, which is located in the Fort Des Moines Hotel. Yes, it was a little more upscale than my usual favorite restaurants in Beaverdale, but we were celebrating after all.... a successful day of Peace Art.

When Molly and I got back to the house, we decided to try to stay up and watch part of Saturday Night Live, although Molly was falling asleep on the couch. I was tired too, so I was hoping for a wonderful night sleep and planned to sleep in. Well...... instead- my brain started to freak out..... thinking about all the tasks I have to get done between now and Christmas. It was all swirling in my head and I felt like I was floating helpless into outerspace.....and I started praying hard for some peace.

Finally, I fell asleep about 1:30 AM or so...... in the morning I got up and starting making lists and writing down a schedule of when certain things needed to get done. I felt better since my mind now didn't have to keep juggling the information in my head- and worrying that I would forget something. After a good breakfast over at Chefs restaurant (we skipped church).... Molly helped me get more organized with my art and she did some Christmas shopping at my "peace art store". I got in the mood to get some things checked off my November list. Molly helped me get a few outside lights put on the house, and after she left I decided to decorate the living room mantle. WOW- now I starting feeling "a head of schedule" for once! That does not happen very often.

Molly had given me this Peace wall decal for my birthday! I've added a few more starts since this picture was taken. It's from a line called "Wall La La"

Then Sunday mid-day, I went to visit a lady I use to work with at the VA Hospital Cancer Registry. Rita was one of the gals who helped set up an introduction between Greg and I. It was so wonderful to see Rita again. We had lost tract of each other last year since her health took a bad turn and she was forced to move from her great retirement apartment. Now it was so good to learn that she has improved so much she has found a new assistant living home in the Drake neighborhood.... so not too far from me..... and I can visit more now!

PS: Even Rita is buying some of my Peace Art for her door. She will be the most hip 75 year old in the place! Rita still has and is using a computer, which I always admired her fearless transition into computers back in the 90's. I might have to introduce Ann to Rita, since Rita is also a political news junkie.... and leans towards my beliefs.... I'll have some back-up in my political discussions with Ann and maybe even Teresa. 

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