Tuesday, November 22, 2011

11-22-11 busy brain
Last night was a gathering at my house for viewing the Dancing of the Stars final dance challenge between the last three couples standing. I don't care who wins, I've just enjoyed watching and laughing with some girlfriends each week. Often,  we also had dinner together Monday nights. Last night I made some squash soup in the crock pot.

Other news, I have been busy updating my Peace Blog, at the encouragement of my fellow blogger friends Lori and Renee. I'm gearing up for 2012, and I have decided to continue the "one small daily Peace of art" another year, and adding a new twist.

It you haven't visited that blog lately, check it out:

I've posted the Back-story of this Peace Blog, and my plans for "spreading Peace in 2012".

Here is the story for my Mom and Dad who don't have access to the website.
Back Story                                                                                            I created my first Peace Art in the early fall of 2009, almost by accident. I had finished creating a project for the Westminster Fine Arts Series late summer, which was an experimental piece, an abstract- of splattering and pouring paint which centered on a large heart. I like it, so I wanted to experiment more. “Peace Head” was born using similar free silliness with no paint brush involved.

In 2010, I continued making a few small abstract Peace Art, on 4 x 4 pieces of foam core- when framed; I thought they look pretty cute.
Then in November/December of 2010, I read a book by Pastor David Platt, called “Radical”, which challenges Christians to do something different- bold, radical…....... and by “taking a leap of faith”…. this would give God the opportunity to show up in amazing ways with small and large miracles for the world to experience.

Since I wasn’t yet ready to get “too radical”….. I had the idea of pursuing a daily period of reflection and meditation, which in turn might lead me to greater discipleship. This is when the idea to combine my love of creating art and my desire to change my busy chaotic life into a more peaceful existence, came together in the creation of this blog “one small daily Peace of Art”.  I was committing to show up everyday and let God do something radical with me.

Small miracles did happen! My life did take on a more positive vibe, and a new lightness/joyfulness surrounds me now, even in my chaotic busy of life. I learned that Peace doesn’t just happen- one needs to focus on creating this peaceful environment in small ways each day; for example- smile more, take time to hug someone, slow down the pace of your life, do one “good deed” for another person each day.

When I started to share my Peace Art with others, I also witnessed a few small miracles happening which had me smiling. Once, when I was hanging up some Peace Art at the Iowa Acupuncture Clinic waiting room, a woman saw the back side which was dated, this happened to be her birth date, and when I turned if over to show her the art, she burst into excitement seeing the pink Peace Art- her favorite color. She bought this Peace right then and there. In a similar story, a person really liked a specific Peace of Art I had on display and needing a small gift for a friend, she bought it and afterwards, when she turned it over, she realized the date was the birthday of her friend who would be receiving this as a gift.

These two “miracles” pushed me towards the decision of what to do with my Peace Art in 2012. Read about this under the next TAB “Spreading Peace”!

Another miracle to me is the fact that in December 2011, I will have my Peace Art displayed in three places in Des Moines.  

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  1. Such a poignant post Judy! I have been struggling with thoughts that are definitely not healthy, are a waste of time and energy not to mention do nothing positive. Change your thoughts, change the world - at least I can begin with my own little space on the planet! Thanks Judy!