Friday, November 4, 2011


11-4-11 blessed brain

The other day, when I was looking for a pair of white sports socks to wear, I became frustrated..... and at the same time acutely aware that I have been blessed (and cursed) by ABUNDANCE.

Finding a pair of white shocks was impossible. Everyone I pulled out did not match any of the others. This was crazy! My sock drawer really reflects my life right now.... FULL and ABUNDANT, but very chaotic.
Not much I can do about it for the moment, so I just decided to find a colored pair that was matched up.

My Birthday reminded me how blessed I am by an abundance of friends. I have a variety of friends in all shapes and sizes.... some I drink wine with, some I am able to unwind with, and others I can just "whine" with. Kelley took me to lunch for my Birthday this week and we had fun doing the later..... we know we are blessed, but we both were experiencing small frustrations in life, but by sharing them with each other- we were able to laugh, and they seemed to become less important.


  1. That is why all of my white socks are the same. Then I don't have to match them. They all match!

  2. Great idea Lori, why didn't I think of that. I guess mine are a collection from over the years. I need to clean out and simplify.