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Ann has Thanksgiving reflections she wanted to share today. I'll be on a blogging break for a few days. Happy Thanksgiving ~Judy

Thanksgiving 1968 ~ Thank You PanAm
Wow, what a title! While everyone is thankful for family, health and a job, I will always be thankful for PanAmerican Airlines (PanAM). Some backstory on PanAm, began in 1927 as mail carrier (Key West to Havana), they quickly began flying passengers all over the world. Despite major advances in air flight, PanAm declared bankruptcy in 1991. Will there be a comeback? Perhaps the TV drama PanAm, is laying the groundwork. Here’s a pic of their route back in the day.


PanAm popped in my head as I was listening to NPR today, which reminded  of my flight to the United States. My, that was a long time ago and what an adventure. Dad moved to Washington DC around June and our big move was on November 28, 1968. It was Thanksgiving Day (new holiday to us) and one day before my eight birthday (my birthday is never on Thanksgiving). I wish I had a photograph of that day. Here’s the closest, a picture of me at age nine.


Picture this, my mom shepherding six kids ranging from 5 to 15 (the oldest was mom’s sister) on our first ever plane ride. I vividly remember the airline attendants in their blue suits and cute hats, pinning “wings” on us. We left Trinidad in summer-like weather and landed in New York in winter-like weather. Of the many rules mom gave us, one was to eat everything on our plate and that’s where my love-hate relationship with blueberries began. We arrived in NYC and Dad greeted us (he came up from DC) with coats. I was given a blue coat with shimmery lining. We all flew to DC and on the flight given a meal that included peas and blueberry pie, both new to us. Remembering the rule, I barely swallowed down the peas. However, the texture of the blueberry pie just would not go down. So I carefully covered the pie in napkins and stuffed it under my coat sleeves. Two hours later, after arriving in DC, the pie was smeared all up my sleeves. Let me say, I’ve never eaten a blueberry pie since and that thing about texture, it goes for yogurt/cottage cheese and in general, all smelly cheese. However, I do love blueberry cakes/muffins and jam. I found this treat in the breakroom today. 

There’s a new show on ABC about PanAm which I always forget to watch. The plot of the show moves rather fast, so I’ll make it a point to give it another try. But when I see it, it puts a smile on my face and I immediately go back to Thanksgiving Day, 1968. 

So on this Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2011, while I watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, cook my butt off, I am thankful for the sacrifices my parents gave to bring us to the land of opportunity, the many friends and family who have supported me with their love and friendship this year and to my sister Charmaine and brothers Glen and Tony who are watching after me as my Dad would of. And of course, Rick and Robert!


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  1. Brother remembers the flush toilets n' automatic doors at the airport. Wow, forgot that we did not have flush toilets. Escalators was new to us too.