Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Report

11-7-11 slow Monday brain
A week of November gone already and today I just remembered to turn my wall calendar over to November. I still have a few clocks to turn back also..... Gee.... I'm struggling to keep up.... and November does look to be a challenge with several big commitments to occupy my after work hours.

So today, just a few pictures from the weekend. I was in KC, just a weekend trip, but fun. Friday night Greg took me out to one of my favorite KC restaurants at the Plaza, the Grand Street Cafe. Our KC neighbors Kim and Terry came along which made the evening extra special.

Saturday early afternoon I got to hang out with Molly for a few hours, then Greg and I went to a potluck bonfire with the Miata Car Club. We only lasted  less than 2 hours, cause the smoke was hurting our eyes.

I didn't feel the Oklahoma earthquake Saturday night, since I was pretty much dozing from the very beginning of Saturday Night Live. I was already for my extra hour of sleep, in fact I took at least two extra hours of sleep that night. Molly, however, did post on Facebook that she felt the earthquake which was a little before 11:00 PM, but she is 30 minutes south of us.

Sunday, I arrived back in DM about 2:30 in the afternoon to give me enough sunlight to tackle the leaves and lawn. It was a nice day for November, sunny and 60, so I worked until 4:00 PM and looked forward to a hot soak in the tub to sooth my aching muscles.

The trees are still pretty in KC, glad I don't have to rake much there.

Here was view in my backyard in DM as I was finishing up I noticed how pretty the yellow mums still look out back. There is talk of rain on Tuesday.... slight chance of snow.

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