Friday, November 18, 2011

Fashion Do or Don't

11-18-11 busy brain
I wasn't going to post today, instead I was busy last night creating my parents Christmas photo letter.... Greg agreed to work on ours- so that was one less thing on my "to do list". It's been a busy week at work, but Tuesday night I agreed to get out of the house.

I attended a benefit for an organization (GEEZ LOUISE) which helps girls and women deal with life, supports the idea of sisterhood. Women should be lifting up each other rather than acting like most of the roles you see on TV these day. I know I am sure blessed by a group of women who do our best to support each other. My life wouldn't be to same without them.

My "sisters" will even accept me when I am in my "artzy fartzy" mood. Tuesday evening as I was dressing I was reaching for a familial scarf to wear, but instead I went into Greg's old tie area and came out wearing this. My sisterhood group won't be afraid to tell me the truth. Was this look a fashion "DO" or "DON'T"... for the crowd I was hanging with that night, it felt OK to me.

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