Monday, November 21, 2011

Good FuD

11-21-11 food brain
Each year, I let myself have one  BIG MAC Hamburger, Sunday was the day I chose to eat one. I was on my way back to Des Moines from spending the weekend in KC with Greg. We had a fun weekend in which I was able to relax and get away from work, and get away from framing any more art.

Friday night Greg took me on a real date night- we went to the Chris Isaak concert at the Uptown Theater. After 20 years, Chris still looked good and sounded great!

Saturday evening we were invited to eat dinner with some Mini Cooper friends John and Johnna. Johnna is a total "foodie"- hard cord creating and learning about food, and she writes a blog.
Go here:

So we met up at a new restaurant (FuD) Greg and I had not been to before - it was vegan, locally grown, organic and gluten-free upon request.... AND it was really good food! I can't wait to go back.

I have been meaning to share Johnna's link to Chai Spice Sugar Cookies, which sound so good to me. Can someone make me some? Molly or Ann?

This week will be the usual Thanksgiving week to splurge on food. I am looking forward to Mom's stuffing, and sweet corn; along with Bunny's pies!

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