Thursday, January 26, 2012

On the edge, ready to jump off

1-26-12 absent brain

I am having a fantasy this week:
Greg takes an early buy out from his Federal job, I retire and we live a simple, relaxing life back in Des Moines. What would we do? We’d stay in bed as long as we want, we’d hug a lot, we’d read, we’d go for walks, we’d eat healthy cheap meals at home, we’d clean our own house, we’d have time to volunteer. I’d work on that children’s book and do some art.

Well my fantasy is telling me that:
1) I have brain overload and can’t handle the fast pace of my current life, 
or 2) I am feeling the effects of the Dragon new year already and I am looking for a change, 
or 3) Solar flares are affecting my thinking.

My conclusion this week:
After 3 years of writing this blog, I need a sabbatical. I also will be unplugging from Facebook for the month of February. Sad to say my friends will not be able to see where I check in to eat, and they won’t be privy to my random thoughts…. and I won’t be tracking their every move either. Think of the freedom that will bring us all!

I’ll be willing to keep posting Ann’s GUEST Blogs on Wednesday and I also would be happy to post any other guest blog posts from my friends who want to fill in for me.

Can I do this? Can I unplug from this communication overload and focus my energy in places which need more of my attention? Let’s see.


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  1. Ahhhhh..... I miss you Judy - we will get real face time!! Should be interesting - however I think Facebook is a drain - although I do check in more often than I should - so I say good for you - think of time you will have for your thoughts! And the children's book! Kelley