Monday, November 16, 2009

Chocolate season

11-16-09 cozy brain
Yesterday was the typical weather you would expect for mid November, cloudy with drizzle, and temperatures in the mid 40’s. This was quite the contract to last Sunday, when we experienced unseasonable temperatures of 68 to 70 degrees with plenty of sunshine.

I can’t complain too much now with the return to more seasonal weather, since finally, for the first two weeks in November, we had the warmer weather that we had been denied in the first two weeks of October. So Mother Nature did come through with some pleasant autumn weather, giving time to complete the year end yard work.

Visiting with my 20 year old god-daughter Chelsea a few weeks ago, she mentioned her favorite season was autumn and winter, which surprised and intrigued me. When I asked her why, Chelsea explained that she loves to snuggle indoors next to a fire, reading a good book while drinking hot chocolate. She likes the feeling of a warm cozy home.

I believe Chelsea might be onto something here. Whereas I dread the thought of winter, the lack of sunlight, driving in snow, and suffering from cabin fever…. It’s good to remember and appreciate some of the positive benefits winter can bring with it and I told myself I would strive to enjoy cold dreary days like Sunday. I ended up doing some Christmas shopping with Molly, since Greg backed down from the movie we had planned.

Molly and I heard Christmas music being played in several of the stores we hit, but not “Sleigh Ride”. So I’m still at a score of “1” for the number of times I’ve heard this so far. Molly liked my game, but she wanted to count the number of times she changes the radio station when she hears the “Shoe” Christmas song being played. I agreed she was onto something with that idea!

Our last stop before Molly took me back to the KC house was the grocery store. She told me about a new seasonal treat to try: Chocolate Mint Milk….

So I bought some. Molly advised to mix half with skim milk since it’s a bit thick and I found it to be a bit too sweet. I mixed mine with the soymilk I like AND heated it…. It does make a delicious hot chocolate winter treat to warm you on a cold wet night.

Now I was ready to sit down and finish the book Greg bought me for my birthday. (more on that in a later blog)

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