Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday transition

11-22-09 traveling brain
Arriving back in Des Moines this afternoon I was happy to be greeted by our neighbor cat Max and a clean house, thanks to Annika our housekeeper. After many Max hugs and kisses, unloading the car, I then walked over to the grocery store.

I was excited to find a few butternut squash in the produce section. Is it just me, or does acorn squash seem more abundant, and the butternut, my favorite, is harder to come by? If I see butternut squash, I am sure to buy. I'll take this up to my parents for the weekend. It's one thing I can make without messing it up.

At the store, I ran into Jan and Polk with a cart full of gallons of milk…… "buying for the homeless shelter, which our church was serving tonight", Jan explained. That might also explained the wonderful smells that were coming from the church as I walked by….. I knew something good was being prepared in the kitchen this evening.

I also ran into Ruth and her two young girls, more friends from church and then I was happy to be in the check out line with one of my favorite check out guys….. sure he’s a teenager and I’m old enough to be his mother, but I still know a cute guy when I see one….. I’m middle aged…. I’m not dead yet.

All in all, another safe transition back to the Des Moines home…

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  1. Judy -- thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Comments like yours help us bear the grief of loss. Will be back to visit soon.