Friday, November 20, 2009

Is opportunity knocking?

11-20-09 pondering brain
This last week I have been thinking and blogging about focus, priorities, and discerning when to say yes or no to invitations and new opportunities.

Well, today I don’t know if I’m being tested again, or being given an interesting opportunity.

A few days ago, I received a comment on my blog post from 11-12-09 “Five Girlfriend Rules”. The comment came from a blogger from the website Vibrant Nation, and she (Beth) had interest in my blog, which has lead to an invitation for me to become a contributor to that site.

I’ve started to explore this site: I love the message stated there…. “Vibrant Nation, where smart, successful women 50+ connect with others to make the most out of life every day"....Hey I even fit that description!

Well?! What does my support system of regular readers, family and friends, think about this? I would need Greg, Renee and Vivian to be my editors correcting my spelling and grammar for sure!

I’m actually amused at this opportunity, and maybe a bit perplexed, since I’ve been struggling over the last month with wondering if my Split-in-Two blog had much value. I started the blog for me to work through my Iowa/Kansas life…. Then continued it for Greg and my parents (so they know "what I'm thinking")… then I continued this summer by trying to amuse my girlfriends…. Now I’m not sure.

I was even toying with the idea of asking you, my handful of readers, to be “guest bloggers” on my site, so I could take a break for a few weeks. I know there is no one putting a gun to my head to post every day, but it’s now a habit of sorts.

ANYWAY…. I don’t want more work or pressure in my life. I’ll need to ponder this further…..what can I say, I'm SPLIT on this...... And I covet your comments.

Thank you... from this faithful but reluctant blogger.


  1. I think it is a very exciting prospect and that you should go for it. It would keep you very relevant in today's techno world. You do have a great blog and it would be fun to see what sharing it on a bigger scale would bring.

    Just be sure you will not succumb tot he pressure of it, just keep it real and fun! And yes, I would be a guest contributor if you need one, not sure of my topic, but I have some thoughts in me somewhere.

  2. I agree with Molly and I've already shared my thoughts with you. Your style of writing is very unique and you are very creative (split-in-two, right brain, left brain, creative brain, etc) and I enjoy your posts! What I love about your blog is that your posts are YOU and it shows your creativity, spirituality, 'green-ness,' and your vulnerable side...I believe in serendipity, kismet, fate, God-incidence... all of it - so GO FOR IT! You have had too many opportunities put at your feet lately and now it's time to act upon one. It doesn't mean you have to do it forever but what if something truly wonderful came of it!?

  3. Renee, thanks for your continued support! and YES to Molly.... get out your "list" book. I know you don't have time to blog on your own, so you can be my guest anytime. Just email me your "short" blog.
    The nice thing about Vibrant Nation is I only have to blog once a week, so only my BEST blogs would need to be shared on that site. I'll rely on you to tell me which ones you like... and to correct my spelling..... PEACE OUT sisters!

  4. Reading about your intent of blogging in the first place reminded me that as you have blogged through your transition you have learned a LOT about yourself. And as readers, we get to peek into that person that some of us have only known as co-workers, etc. So putting yourself and your thoughts on your blog have helped us know you better, but I think that you are a much happier person for dealing with some of those not-so-fun emotions and life issues. Putting things in writing SHOWS us that path we have chosen and where we can make changes along the way. Just because you choose to do this other blog, doesn't mean its right or wrong for now, but as you work through it you'll figure it out. I love your thoughts and issues that you bring to light.

  5. You are right Lori, blogging has made the year more interesting for me and helped with working through emotions of everyday life.
    I'm so glad you and Renee got me onto this habit.
    BUT I think I will give myself a break and not always post on weekends.

  6. I just took a look at the site and before you go for it, ask yourslef: do you like to write for yourself or others, do you feel pressured right now re: how much or little you write?

    Your heart and head will lead you to make the right decision.

  7. Well it has only taken my like a hour to finally figure out how to post on this blog. Yes I am behind the times. I read your blog everyday. Some make me laugh, some make me happy, some make me sad, some make me think what a weirdo sister I have but most of all they make me proud that you are my sister. I say go for it...could be a door opening for some of your other ideas. And if you need a fill in blogger I could take a shot at it. xoxo

  8. WOW congrats Jan at finally being able to post here! Now don't forget your password!
    xx00xx back at you!