Friday, November 13, 2009

Discerning dreams

11-13-09 Friday the 13th brain
I have a belief that the Universe puts the right people in your life at the right time, when you are ready, and when you need to be pushed in the right direction.

After lunch with Kelley and Molly on Sunday, we three made a quick trip to The Art Store so I could pick up some mat board to complete some framing projects. As we were leaving and saying good-bye in the parking lot, a guy came up to us asking if we were artists. Kelley started singing my praises to this guy and he began to tell us that he was in the process of starting a stationary/card business and he was looking for creative people.

This got my ears to perk up since I have many creative ideas of my own and not enough time to develop them all. I was thinking maybe I could work this guy to further my artistic vision. It turned out this guy had been talking to Kris, a fantastic calligrapher, and friend who works in The Art Store, about doing some work on one of his projects. Kelley and Molly had left, so there I was talking to this guy and he dragged me back into the store to so we could talk to Kris.

Well, after we visited for a half hour, (his guy likes to talk and needs to learn to condense his sale pitch), I started to get a feel for some of his ideas. His ideas sounded interesting, creative, but nothing I would feel compelled to support. In fact, one of his ideas was just of opposite of my vision to inspire positive energy. He had ideas for political T-shirts and cards and was convinced that Bill ORiley would be interested. I can understand there is a niche market for conservative, Fox News watching people, but I’m not interested in “art” that would continue to keep our country focused on our political differences rather than trying to find common ground and unity.

So why did this guy cross my path on Sunday? What was I to learn? Well, he did give me a reflection of myself, someone full of ideas, but a bit clueless on how to proceed. I found his ideas were all over the map, which is how I have felt also with my life lately. This encounter has given me some insight on the importance and need to find focus.

Now Molly and Kelley know the rest of the story, of what happened after they left me at The Art Store.


  1. Agree agree. We both like to gab and sometimes, you never know. Inspiration comes in many forms and people come at the right time. Your friendship came at a time when I was ready to engage in life outside of being a mom and inturn, has blessed me with the many new friends you have shared w/ me, even your family (which I have not offically met).

    As Judy would say, "peace" out and I would say "long story short"


  2. Paul Harvey would be so proud of this rest of the story.