Monday, November 23, 2009

Home sweet homes

11-23-09 homebody brain
I'm still pondering the fact, that as of March this year, I live in two homes.

Once I got over the fact that we actually can afford both, due to the fact that we bought a modest home in Des Moines when we were first married..... as our income expanded, we did not "move up".

Living in two homes can be fun. It is nice to have a change of scenery every few weeks, it's nice to have more wall space to hang my art, and it's nice to have two different sets of neighbors to interact with... but at times I stress a bit about living this split life.

I recently added a new blog I'm following on my right side panel. "The Jewel Box Home".... I remember visiting this site a few years ago when my friend Kelley told me that her sister had started a website writing about her love of small homes.

At that time I was so impressed, since I knew nothing about starting a website or a blog. After recently re-discovering this site, I decided I wanted to start following again.

First, I will enjoy reading the older posts starting in 2007 and then working forward to see what I've missed. A shout out to Marie in Chicago!

We all spend the majority of our time in our homes, so they are a large part of our identify, our feelings of security, and important to our psyche... so the attention and care we give to them is worthwhile.... This weekend I washed the large front picture window.... and the world opened up more clearly to me!

PS: If Greg asked me today if I wanted to sell the KC house and have him work again in Des Moines.... I'd say "no thanks".... let's see how this experiment continues for now. It's my new normal.


  1. Judy - thanks for mentioning Marie's website. I know she'll appreciate it. I would love to try your way of living out for awhile - best of both worlds. Kelley

  2. Hi Judy,

    How nice of you to mention Jewel Box on your blog!

    I will make sure to pass Split in Two on to Jewel Box readers. I know they will appreciate your fun and practical perspective on living in two places!