Thursday, November 19, 2009

Focus on the positive

11-19-09 unfocused brain
Blueberries greeted me this morning, frozen, but gently warmed in their bed of hot oatmeal.

I have much bouncing around my brain today…. The change of mammogram recommendations… Sarah Palin’s book…… Am I a good enough wife/partner for Greg?.... Christmas and New Years plans….Michael Jackson’s movie….. Unemployment is 10%, but this means (if my math brain is still functioning), there are 90% of us with jobs to get to today.

Hey, life is good…. If you focus on the positive.

Today, I am praying for some focus!


  1. One of my all-time favo is the frozen bag of blueberries! They just smile at you ;). You have 1 week left before Thanksgiving, to write out each day something you are thankful for...or join us on facebook and post what you are thankful for each day...thanks to Renee, it is very inspiring! ;)

  2. Not sure why the unfocusing but w/ 2 household, that would be me all the time.
    I too am concerend abou the mammogram but not about Sarah Palin. She's got to earn a living too and if you want to contribute, her book is roughly $9 at WalMart. However, I much rather get the audiobook from Patrick Swayzee "Time of My Lfe."

  3. Ann.... I miss seeing you. Can you connect next week? Ms Palin perplexs me still. If I were her, I'd go for the book deal too.... but why quit as governor if she is serious about politics. I think she would be a good Rush Limbaugh, with lipstick. I hope she does a talk show..... well on second thought.... maybe not.

  4. Hi Judy - I to am concerned about what came out about mammograms - hope it doesn't stick - makes no sense to me. Why perplexed about Sarah Palin?