Thursday, November 12, 2009

Five girlfriend rules

11-12-09 silly brain
Molly’s visit this past weekend was an opportunity to get together with another friend of ours, Kelley. The three of us have known each other since 1984 during our swinging single lives in Des Moines. (tongue in cheek)

What do friends who have known each other for over 20 years talk about at Sunday lunch? …. Everything!.... and we can be honest with each other, or at least we vowed to try to be painfully honest with each other as we age.

So one conversation started out with Kelley asking me “Judy, why did you post that picture of your chin and neck on your blog last week? I had not thought anything about it until you pointed it out.”

Kelley is five years younger than I, and now is starting to look at her face and the aging process. Molly, being the savvy one of us, sophisticated farm girl, advised us to try a skin line called Molton Brown.

So as we bemoaned our aging, we quickly came up with a list of aging mis-steps we promised to keep each other from making by being totally honest with each other. Molly and Kelley suggested I blog about this topic, so here goes.

Molly, Kelley and Judy’s Five Faithful Girlfriend’s List

1.No bright print jackets from Coldwater Creek and no appliquéd sweatshirt’s from craft fairs.
2.No overcompensating with makeup, especially no heavy eye liner.
3.No stray facial hair and if found, it will be pointed out and pulled out on the spot.
4.Honesty about a bad smelling house. If the odor of one of our homes is foul, we will say so, so it can be corrected.
5.One pair of eye glasses on the body at a time. This look is not cool!


  1. Good Rules! I tell my family...if I'm ever in a coma that they need to tweeze facial hair - or none of my visitors will recognize me! :p

  2. oh, i love #1! and... I did notice you were wearing more than one pair of glasses at our meeting...some habits are hard to break? :)
    i think we have much more fun growing old than our ancestors did!

  3. I like I like. If I see me w/a magnify glass, beware. I'm just helping a girl out.

  4. Judy,
    I absolutely love this post! Would you be interested in talking to me about having your blog republished on I'd love to hear from you.