Monday, November 9, 2009

A peace-filled Indian Summer weekend

10-9-09 joyous brain
Indian summer came this weekend of November with surprising 70 degree sunny weather both Saturday and Sunday. It was so wonderful!

Greg arrived back home on Thursday night and our friend Molly came to Des Moines for a visit on Friday evening. The main purpose of her trip was to attend the Metro Art Festival, which we have attended often together shopping for Christmas gifts and getting inspired for our own projects.

Saturday morning Molly and I first met up with some gals, Sue and Ann, for brunch at a very cool restaurant called Le Mie, which I had not been to before. Ann had told me this was like the food we had on our Europe trip. Ann was right, the pastry was fantastic!

Molly and I then went to pick up Greg and the three of us bummed around the East Village shops for a few hours and also caught part of the Iowa game at a local corner bar. I actually drank ½ of beer! (first pastry, then beer…. What wildness! Hummmm…. What other activities would I take part in rest of the day?)… and Iowa, unfortunately, our football team's luck ran out and we had our first loss/lose of the season.

Finally, we make it to the Art Festival and I fell in love with an artist who calls her creative line, “Mosaic Madness”. Turns out she, Jill Kernodle, was from Kansas City. I asked Greg to buy my Christmas present from her and he agreed. The problem is, that I have unwrapped my gift early and am now using. I couldn’t help myself! That’s OK Greg, you don’t have to buy me any other gifts.

My “peace sisters” are doing to loving this! I'm hanging it on the front door. This picture now shows me that I need to get it hung straight!


  1. As a "peace sister" I must say I.LOVE.IT!!!!!!!!!!!! See you soon!

  2. What a fun day you had! That is an awesome peace sign, I just looked at the close up, and she sure put a lot of details on it. Now you don't really mean it when you told your husband not to buy you anything else did you, lol?

    thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I guess the best way is to print my own cards, and I don't mind, but the printer ink is soooo expensive - I buy the best quality - and before you know it, you need to replace them. Like right now, lol!
    have a wonderful day!