Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in Iowa

4-4-10 Sunday evening brain
I arrived back in Des Moines Saturday evening and was happy to not only be greeted by neighbor cat Max, but my front daffodils were in full bloom. They look so bright and cheery scattered around in the brown dormant garden. But green is starting to show here and there. I was really surprised to see my rhubarb showing up already.

Easter was a nice service at Westminster. I sat with the Carey's and with neighbor Sue, then helped with the Easter flowers after the 11:00 service. Sue invited me down for lunch and her daughter Paige made us some delicious sandwiches and dessert was strawberries dipped in chocolate. The weather was mild 60's and I took long walk with Sue and her dog and she caught me up on the news.

However, it took my sister emailing me a story to learn of news Saturday during an Easter Egg hunt at the Beaverdale park,a few miles from our house here, that teenagers found the body of man. Not sure of the details yet, but appeared to be a homeless man. I later did get around to reading the newspaper and saw the article there.

This week I have a repeat performance, giving another round of training, this time in Des Moines. So I'll be using my energy for this and I may not be blogging much the first part of this week.

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  1. Beautiful Daffs. They are so tall! I haven't checked my rhubarb.