Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where are you willing to CUT?

4-29-10 logical brain

My eye landed on the tag-line of a Letter to the Editor in Tuesday's KC Star newspaper: American Must Unite. "Oh good" I thought.. That sounded interesting!

Reading on, the letter by S. Wynkoop of Wichita stated: “Instead of us fighting one another, we should band together to fight the politicians. It is time that we tell them how fighting mad we are at them for not doing their jobs”. ….

OK, the letter made a good point. Often it does seem like the Republican and Democrat parties BOTH thrive when they try to divide us into opposite corners like snarling bit-bulls. Often I get emails (from both parties) soliciting donations based on needing funds to stop something the other side said or did.

However, this Letter to the Editor, even though calling for solidarity, went on with the usual disdain of being over taxed, and it appeared their point was an attempt to divide “us” and “them”; this time into the citizens verses them dirty politicians.

The Letter closed: “As long as we are fighting among ourselves, they continue to get their plush retirement plans, cheap insurance programs and self-imposed pay rises for part-time work that never gets done. It’s no wonder we have to find things to tax so we can continue to pay for their luxuries”….

Sure there is some truth to that, but people are also missing the BIG Picture of the national budget and the current deficit. People seem to be uneducated on knowing where most of our tax dollars are spent.

Congress salaries are just peanuts when you compare it to the money spent in other areas. And the deficit was not caused by too many Congress luxuries. It was caused back when we had Bush tax cuts for the rich, along with starting two wars which were not paid for, but instead was put on your grand kids' credit card.

An interesting article shows that many people don't want cuts made to the areas where most of our tax money is spent Click here:

Here is a chart from that website:

Here is a great cartoon explaining in easy terms how our budget could be changed to pay for important programs..... without raising taxes! The organization "True Majority" seems to make a lot of sense to me!

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