Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rainy April weekend

4-27-10 bla...bla...bla... brain

The rain put a damper on our weekend plans. Saturday we were to do a group Mini Cooper drive to the Arboretum in Overland Park. Our group of about 22 people did meet for breakfast which was fun, but by the time we drove to the Arboretum, the rain was pouring down too heavy to even attempt a walk in nature with an umbrella, so we turned around and went home.

This is when an old friend showed back up in my life this weekend. I was interested in having a brief visit, but then found myself as an uncomfortable hostess. The old friend visiting was “boredom”. I use to be good friends with boredom back in my single days, and I learned to enjoy boredom back then, as a time to rest and to day dream.

Then my life got so busy that boredom hardly ever came around and I hardly ever missed him…. Except in passing, with a little nostalgia, I would say…. “I remember the days when I would just lay around and not have anything urgent to do, sleep until noon, and just take the day very slow, having plenty of time to be aware of the details of my surroundings.” Boredom and I would spend a lot of time out in nature together, and that was rewarding.

As my life now seems to fly me, at lightning speed, I did think of boredom in that way which one might miss an old friend… But like a reunion with an old friend, a visit can be pleasant enough, but soon one also realizes that we have out grown each other….. and there is a sadness to that, mixed in with relief knowing that I have moved on….

Yet I’m also questioning my relationship with my current best friend “busyness”…. Wondering just how healthy and enduring this relationship can be. Oh, I can be fickle… never fully satisfied with my relationships with boredom or busyness. I have even found myself lusting after a new friend. Her name is “balance”. She is so attractive, but doesn’t come around much. I guess it’s her absence which makes my heart long for Ms. Healthy Balance.

In our attempt to ditch boredom this weekend, Greg and I found a new pizza joint to try when one of our favorites had a 45 minute waiting time….. and we went to a movie down at the Plaza. (“The Runaways”… an interesting story about how Joan Jett got her start back in the 70’s in an all girl band)

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