Monday, April 12, 2010

What not to wear?

4-12-10 doubtful brain
I am pleased to report that I survived the 2 and half day training session last week but, I’m a bit exhausted still.

It’s sad to say, one of my biggest struggles last week was deciding what to wear, not only for this training session, but I also struggled finding something decent to wear to church Easter Sunday. This winter I was totally lazy and often just worked in sweat pants and hoodie sweat shirt, or even in my Pjs.

So I’m going through one of the fashion conundrums: What is appropriate attire for a 54 year old woman? (mature woman trying to be hip)

Recently, I have been viewing myself falling off the edge in slow motion. The edge being “normal”. I fear I’m heading downward towards extreme eccentricity. Sure being whimsical and dressing unique can to fun and endearing (as I have been told), but I think it is time to start dressing and looking a bit more age appropriate.

Ann is inspiring me by wearing skirts to make more of an effort with her appearance.... BUT....I recently received hand me down jeans from my 16 year old neighbor gal… Paige, they fit! So I decided to add to my wardrobe…. Now I question if I should be wearing these low cut style of jeans. (You have to be careful with "muffin top" with these low cut jeans)

I recently also bought this fun hat, only $10... But I’m never sure if this really is attractive, or just convenient for a bad hair day.

Funny story about the hat, which happened two weeks ago in a restaurant while I was in KC: I was approached by a man who said his wife liked my hat and he wanted to know were I bought it. I told him Des Moines Iowa, in a local coffee shop. This hat was from Paraguay where the owner of the coffee shop gets their coffee beans. (or something like that... thus the reason the price is so cheap)…. So silly me, I offered to buy one and send to his wife. He gave me a 10 bill and wrote his address on a piece of paper. I have fulfilled my promise and sent off the hat late last week.

So maybe I don’t feel so bad about wearing the hat, knowing another middle age women will be wearing it also… somewhere in KC… But I’m still not sure about the “hip” jeans. I like them, they are comfortable… so what the heck! ??

Please girlfriends..... Stop me when I cross that line of dressing too young. I think I need a wardrobe make-over SOON!


  1. Just remember that clothes come in sizes not ages. Which sometimes does add to the confusion, but I'm one to wear a lot of color. So I know I go over the top with paisley and patterns. But I still wear it. I have learned a lot from the show, What Not to Wear, though. :D

  2. I say, "If it fits, wear it!" I tend to dress pretty boring... basic black though this year I have drifted toward browns... :) Though I do think I have a "style"(be it good or bad) because someone is always saying "oh that looks like you." So, as long as you wear what you love and it's you, who cares!?

  3. I have to remember.... "just because I CAN, doesn't mean I SHOULD!"

  4. Judy - you have always looked so cute! I've never thought you weren't dressing for your age because you've always been able to wear anything!! and look good - I opened up the blog, saw the jeans and thought WOW - go for it!! Kelley

  5. I have been really liking your past 4-5 year trend in clothing, just keep it up and don't worry about it; and YES, we will all let you know when you go over the edge.