Friday, April 9, 2010

A new earth

4-9-10 TGIF brain
The tree people showed up yesterday and ground the front tree stump out.

I'm surprised at myself, I don't really miss the tree much as I thought I would. I actually like the open feeling now. I am also excited to have a clean plot of soil which holds endless possibilities.

I'm still feeling a bit worn out as this work week comes to a close. I plan no projects for the weekend, only some rest and relaxation- I hope I can stick to that plan. Of course the rest and relaxation means relaxing in the car as I drive down to KC later today.

These are some signs of spring in Des Moines this morning....tulips, serviceberry tree and peony. I know I will be jumping ahead into spring in KC later today. Their trees were leafing out last weekend.

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