Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tulip love

4-15-10 nature brain
First it's the crocus, then I enjoy the daffodils, then it's the tulips. I love drawing and painting tulips! Below is artwork I did back in 1999 called "Real Estate of Hope".

I am amazed at the ability of tulips to close up at night, then when the sun is out, they open wide,... only to close again.... until they seem to lose their elasticity... kind of like the skin around my smile and neck.... too stretched out to return to normal.

Mother nature has been glorious this month, unfortunately she has been a bit too generous with the pollen. This is the first year I've had to take some medication to control allergy symptoms. Others I know are also complaining more this year.

When I think back about all the snow we had this last winter, I then am willing to suffer a bit with the pollen, because I'm loving the sun shine!

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