Thursday, April 1, 2010

Fresh air

4-1-10 fool'n brain
In February, like many, the winter was starting to take it’s toll and my outlook began to suffer. I had started this below, as a draft blog entry:

I believe, at times, I am starting to get tired of this "split-in-two" life.
At times I feel like selling the house, quitting my job, moving.... and changing the name of my blog to.... "Starting from Scratch".

I was feeling overwhelmed by the snow, tired of taking care of the DM house on my own, and missing Greg.

Happily, this week spring fever has hit me! For some reason I’m experiencing memories and the feeling of spring in Iowa City, during my college years. This has me feeling “fresh” and wide open to new possibilities. I was thinking that during college, being away from home, I also at that time was living a life “split in two”…..and I was OK with that. I lived with the uncertainty of my future as well as enjoying the unknown multitude of possibilities and could unfold. Life felt exciting and unpredictable.

So as this new month of April starts….. I am now feeling grateful for my opportunity to be “split” and appreciating the “double” blessings my two lives present to me.

But as you can tell..... my brain keeps processing it all over and over again. This split life is manageable for now.... and even fun in a lot of ways.... so enough said on this topic until autumn when I turn 55. I recently found out that regular retirement from the University starts at age 55. Something to ponder later this year.

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