Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Experimental Art

3-31-10 accepting brain

When working with my experimental acrylic paints, I never really know how a piece will turn out. As I pour layers of paint on, the appearance changes as it begins to dry. Sometimes it takes days to fully dry and I find it interesting to watch the changes which take place.

The new piece I had pictured yesterday... which was pictured mid-way in the process... AND I liked it at that point and probably should have walked away from it then..... (a good artist knows when to stop).... I do have a problem knowing when to stop.... so I just have to tell myself.... there are no mistakes, since it is all an experiment. Once I practice on enough of these, maybe I will learn just the right point to stop myself from adding more and more paint.

Here is the final painting as of today.

This is larger than most I have been working on. This is on a 12 x 12 inch canvas. I know this abstract type is not every one's cup of tea.... but I just fall in love with the bright colors and the way the paint runs together.... it fascinates me.

I am also fascinated by how my taste is art has changed as I age. I am enjoying work that is more abstract and colorful. I am bored with realism.... since beautiful photography can capture that.

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