Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I believe in miracles

3-30-10 grateful brain

I’m reading the book “This I Believe”..... the original book with Edward R. Murrow, copy write 1952. I have found this very inspirational and will want to comment on this more in future blogs…. Of course this has me thinking about what I would write on this topic.

This week I would have to say….. I believe in miracles…. The miracles big and small; the miracles that surprise; the miracles that arrived at the precise perfect time, the miracles that let me know that the Universe- the Creative Spirit- the Holy Spirit- God (which ever term you feel most comfortable with)…. Provides for each us in a unique way.

We are not always provided with what we want or think we want. We may not even understand what has been provided for us, and we may even be provided with hardship and suffering; but I believe we are always provided with what we need to evolve and grow our spirit in God’s light and God’s love.

I believe a miracle happened to me this week. Greg and I have been lazy on the weekends we spend in KC and we had not actively sought out a new church home here. I still am involved in my church in DM and didn’t feel the need to attend while in KC. Sunday, however, I was inspired to attend a church in KC for the first time. This was a church recommended by our former pastor.

Greg and I both enjoyed our first experience at Village Presbyterian Church and I was happy to see a notice in their bulletin about a “Call For Artist” for their 4th Annual Art Show in May. The topic this year: Peace, Love, Friendship.

Those of you, who know me well, know that for the last year I have been obsessively working on my new experimental style with acrylic paint and doing many pieces dealing with hearts and peace signs.

I believe the perfect art show was provided for me at the perfect time, so of course I have to jump in with both feet. I called and will be getting an application for a spot in the show. Those friends in the KC area please save the date May 7th, a Friday evening 5:00-7:30PM for “Art & Hors D’Oeuvres” at Village Presbyterian Church on Mission Road in Prairie Village!!! Maybe some of my Des Moines "peace sisters" can attend as well??

PS: Here is new piece I was working on this weekend. I think I'll call it "Bleeding Heart Liberal".... in honor of my friend Teresa who helps me to understand myself better.

According to a recent email "test/quiz" provided by Teresa, I am not officially a conservative AND not a Liberal..... I guess that leaves me somewhere in the middle.... split in two.... a place I have become familiar with these days.


  1. Isn't it amazing we are who we are because of the "Master" plan! I believe in miracles, too... and I'm so glad your miracle was going to church in KC! They will be glad to have a new artist in their midst!

  2. Hey Judy - Congratulations! I think that's wonderful - your art will be circulating world wide soon! I too have been struggling with changes in my life - a biggie being the wooded area behind our house being torn down to make room for addititions. Although a wetland area will replace it, it saddens me horribly because I have spent so much time walking and reflecting in those woods. I have to believe something better will emerge - the master plan! Although right now I see very little about it being positive.

  3. NO OH Kelley- that is too SAD! We all need spots of nature to inspire us and provide areas of retreat! I remember walking with you there.
    Hey let's connect when I'm back in DM... now that the weather is not cold and snowy... miss you.

  4. I will reserve the date for sure!!! That is a very good church and one that I would have recommended had you asked me, but I guess a pastor is probably a better resource. Bernie goes to that church.


  5. Those perfect-timing events in my life I call 'divine appointments'. :)