Friday, March 26, 2010

A few loose ends

3-26-10 TGIF brain
Last Saturday evening Greg and I enjoyed dinner out with our friends Ann and Roy at the French restaurant in downtown Des Moines called Django, which is in the Hotel Fort Des Moines. It was my first time and I found the food delicious, especially the dessert!

Mid meal, we heard loud cheering across the room by the bar area and this turned out to be the reaction to the end of the college basketball game which had the Iowa team UNI winning over the #1 team the Kansas J-Hawks. Glad I wasn’t watching… I would have been really “split-in-two”….. having connections with both Iowa and Kansas. But deep down, I am glad that an underdog team like UNI could win! Everyone in Iowa is very excited.

I always enjoy my time with Ann and Roy since they are some of our more “cerebral” friends, yet they also have a strong “spiritual bent”….. I always learn new things from them. Ann was telling me about her new favorite Internet site at ( ) Ann likes a good discussion on topics without the hype or loud noise, posturing and rudeness you find on cable TV news shows. At this site you find two people with opposite views talking rationally to each other about a variety of issues.

Ann's favorite people to listen to are these guys Bob Wright and Joel Achenbach.

After dinner we walked a few blocks down to the Des Moines Social Club where a kick-off party for the DM Women’s Roller Derby. Roy was interested in this. We rubbed elbows with some of the “cheeky” gals (as Ann liked to call them)….. and we picked up their schedule. I am all on board to attend one of their games in April or May….. should be interesting and fun…. I love roller skating and IF I was younger, I could see myself on the team… acting outrageous and having fun!

Also this week, Greg and I met up with Vivian and Clyde after church and they took us out for lunch Sunday to celebrate Greg’s March Birthday. They were in good spirits and happy spring has arrived.

Also something weird to report; last week prior to my Iowa City trip I spent 1/2 hour down at the WHO radio station in Des Moines, recording a "testimony" for my Eye Doctor, talking about how happy I have been with the results of my eye surgery. They recorded my voice and me talking.... then I think they will put together the message they want. So if any of you listen to WHO radio, you might just hear my voice!
Coming up next week ….. more time spent in KC.

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  1. Des Moines Roller Derby??? Wow, I'd LOVE to go see that! I remember watching Roller Derby when I was little. You're not too old to do it; I just met a woman in Newton (83) who STILL plays on a BB team! So there! If you join the Derby, I'll come watch you skate! :)
    p.s. I'm sure I'll hear you on WHO!