Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday addendum

I was coming up in the elevator about 10:00AM this morning, retrieving more tea, and two young guys (appeared to be in their 20’s) were riding up with me, after coming back from breakfast. I’m guessing these two were part of the pool party gang last night.

Guy one asked the other, “Man, what time did I get in last night?”…. Guy two said, “2:30”…. Guy one said, “I didn’t know it was that late. I was tired when you left, but I didn’t want to waste my drunk”….

I’m standing there thinking…. What the heck does “waste my drunk mean?”…..

Can anyone explain that to me? Are they teaching a college course in this now…. “Drunk Management 101” ???

I guess this means I’m officially in the group “older and hopefully wiser” crowd. When I was in college, I tried "drunk avoidance" rather than drunk management.... My stomach and head hurts now just thinking about it.

1 comment:

  1. Wasting your drunk is what you do after you get your drunk on :)

    Don't ask me how I know that.