Friday, March 12, 2010

Tax time

3-12-10 creative brain
February was tax month for Greg and I. We had all our papers in order and went to visit our tax guy Jim. Boy does Jim have his job cut of for him….. Two residences; one in Iowa, one in Kansas. My income from Iowa, Greg’s income from Missouri….. but Jim has other clients with dual lives like us, so we are confident he knows his stuff.

I love going to Jim’s office, since it is decorated with original art and photography. His personal office had several “tree” type pieces of artwork, and I thought one of my “leaf” pictures would go great. So I have been working on a small 8 x 8inch piece to give him as a gift.

I finished up last night and will deliver soon, when I pick up our tax papers that need our signature to finalize. I can’t wait to surprise him. I call this piece “Tax Re-LEAF”.

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